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Our History:

Davis & Pierce Die service was started in 1973, by Eugene H Pierce and Charley Davis.

Charley invested fifteen hundred dollars. With that investment, they purchased a Helmold bender, bending dies, rule cutter, bridger, miter, and a small pin jig-saw. Eugene gutted a small house next to his home in Randolph, Missouri. He mixed the concrete, poured a floor in the old house, and set up shop. As his business grew, the small jig-saw was not large enough for the work he was getting. Money being tight, Eugene and Charley, who were also metal workers, built a large jig-saw using two I-beams, an angle iron, and a large plate of steal. They modified an old refrigerator compressor to hold the bottom pin of the saw blade, hooked up a motor to the compressor, and had themselves a working larger jig-saw.

Davis & Pierce has grown from the small two person die shop occupying a five hundred square foot building. There have been a lot of firsts for our small company. In November 1990, Davis & Pierce was the first commercial die shop in the Kansas City area to bring in a laser for die board production. In 1994, Davis & Pierce began bending the cutting rules with CNC rule benders. Since that time, there have been a variety of automated equipment purchased to enable us to meet the needs of our customers. Davis & Pierce has a commitment to being at the leading edge of technology in the die making and tooling industry. We continue to purchase additional automated equipment that will enable us to stay current. Whether it be waterjet services, blankers, or steel counters, Davis & Pierce is always ready to innovate and fit the needs of our customers.

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